Leonard J. and Lynn M. Accardo

Harley C. and Annabelle Adams;   

Richard and Diane Adams;

Ann Lerew Agostin;

Billy and Dianne Allen;

Jean R. Allen;

John and Janet Anderson;

John and Mary Lou Area;

Paul and Carolyn Ashley;

Duane J. Ausetts;

Karen Marie Austin;

Philip and Linda Babiak;

William E. and Jan K. Bailey;

James F. and Joyce P. Bair;

Gary and Phyllis S. Bajusz;

David and Sharon Baker;                                     

Gary and Amanda Baker;

Edward and Ilene Baker;

Elizabeth Baldridge;

Stephen and Tammy Ball;

Mildred J. Barnes and Alphadine Martin Trustees Under Barnes and Martin Living Trusts;

Thomas and Tina, Eddie and Nancy, and Amy Barringer;

Robert G. Barrow;

John S. and Cynthia N. Bartges;

The Joyce E. Batezel Trust;

Peter F. Bayer as Trustee;

Beach Condominiums Owners’ Association;

Ricky and Kathleen Bellard;

Neil A. Bennett;

Bulent A. and Marie P. Berilgen;

Kenneth and Kathleen Betts;

Donald and Linda Black and Michael Newton;

Louis R. Biosca Trustee;

Birmingham Hide and Tallow Co.;

Robert H. Jr. and Margaret H. Black;

Frank and Janet Blizzard;

W. Faye Bowers;

Mitzi Boyd;

Benjamin Boyd;

Perry A. and Robin Boyd;

Donald C. and Dorothy M. Bradford;


Thomas P. and Tommie A. Bradley;

Sarah Kay Bramlett;

Scott and Mary Brann;

Steve Brasuell, Miles Williams Sr., and Michael Dooley;

Vance and Helen Braswell;

Frank and Patricia Brent;

Annais Brindel;

Hugh P. Brindley;

Robert D. Eiland and Timothy R. Brown;

Tony and Sue Brown;

George and Ellene Bryan;

Bruce Bryant;

Fred and Sandra Buck;

Charles and Barbara Bugg;

Carol and Ronald Burch;

Stan Burchfield;

Richard H. and Diana Burger;

Amos D. and Dorothy Burns et al.;

Arthur and Julia Butterfield;

Arthur Butterfield and Julia Gray

Arthur E. Butterfield Trustee Calhoun OB/GYN Assoc. Inc.;

Janice McGinn Byars;

Paul S. Jr. and Barbara S. Byrd;

Amy A. and West J. Calhoun;

Mary Callaway; 

Maria A. Camaratta;

Sang S. and John Cannon;

Phillip Caplin and Henry Weinstein;

Caribbean 502 LLC;

Caribbean Escape, LLC;

Caribbean Resort Condominium;

E. Edward Carman;

Steven T. and Sherry L. Carroll;

Kelly Valerie and Timothy F. Casey;

Kenneth E. and Dianne Cauley;

V. Louise Caton;

Tom Cavanaugh;

Charlevoix Adventures, Inc.;

J. E.; Jr. and Geraldine E. Chason;

Patricia D. and Melvin M. Check;

William A. Cherry;

Mark A. and Betty Lou Childers;

Edward and M. Cinaglia;

Cinema, Inc.;

Kenneth and Janice Clark;

Lina Grayson Clary;

Donnie D. Cockrell;

Carole H. Cobb;

Glenda P. and James M. Cody;

Donald Collins and Sheila Freeman;

Frank W. and Terri L. Compton;

Merrill E. Jr. and Elizabeth D. Compton;

Delores Conlin Trustee;

John F. and Sandra N. Conner;

Charles and Mary M. Cook;

Lloyd and Judith Cooper;

George E. and Dorothy J. Courtnage;

Daniel J. and Gretchen W. Craddock;

Criterion Technology, Inc.;

Peter and Michelle Crofton;

Fred and Carol Crum;

Doyle W. and Katie Lou Cullpepper et al.;

Jean Sullivan and L. B. Curry;

Daniel P. and Brinda K. Dale;

Gerald and Janelle Daniel;

Hartwell and Martha Davis;

James D. and  Jo T. Davis;

James H. and Dortha Davis;

Jeff Davis III;

Mary G. Dawson as Trustee for Dawson Revocable Trust;

Richard and Karin Decker;

Patrick and Rebecca Delaney;

Kirby J. and Deneen T. Plessala and Wilbur P. and Mignon M. Delashmet;

Hugh and Joann H. Devereaux;

Janis Dial;

F. O. Dickerson;

Wayne and Donna Dickey;

Harry & Maxine Dierson;

John and Mary DiLeo;

David and Megan DiPesa;

Mark DiTrapani;

William and Dorothy Dodson and John and Janet Springfield;

Martin J. and Mary Dohaney

Phillip C. Dotts;         

Robert A. and Dana Douglas;

Jerry M. and Maxie D. Dunnam;

Curtis J. II and Karen E. Dupree;

D. Mark and Concetta B. Dyer;

Donald and Frances Eckert;

Thomas J. and Cathy Egan;

Lena C. and Karl F. Ekmark;

Russell Ellington and David King;

Elliott Properties, LLC;

Howard C. and Claire Elliott;

Evelyn Nadine Ellis;

Michael Benjamin and Renee M. Eltz;

Janice Erikson;

Malcolm Gene and Barbara Ernest;

Edmond M. and Patricia A. Evans;

Robert W. Evans;

John E. and Bonnie R. Evers;

J. M. and Betty Fagundes;

Robert and Mary Fahey;

Jerry Farquhar;

L. Lamar and Joyce Faulkner;

John and Lola Faust;

Nancy Swartz and Virgil P. Feigenbaum; Jr.;

Alan and Anna Ferber Trustees;

William F. and Ursula W. Finegan;

Henry W. and Beatrice C. Fischer;

Fishman Family Florida, LLC c/o Louis Y. Fishman;

Louis Flauraud and Barry Grizzard and;

Joseph and Joan Flok and Michael Flok;

Edward and Cindy Folcik;

Olive Roberts Forman;

Jon R. and Neysa N. Fort;

Emory and Ruth W. Forthe Trustees for the Revocable Trust; 

Johnny A. Fortune;

Dr. Arthur and Helene R. Fourier;

Kenneth and Mary A. Fournier;

James M. Medford and J. Mitchell Fouts;

H. A. and Lanatter Fox;

James L. and Valerie Frazier;

Connie Griffith and George Frederick;

Michael D. Fryt;

Arnold H. and Joyce Furth;

G Acres Property Company, Inc.;

Paul C. and Jo Ellen M. Gabb;

Eduardo S. and Gloria Gaitan;

Richard J. II and Denise M. Gangwish;

Steven and Barbara Ward-Gantman;

Norman D. Garner;

Ann Beck Garnett;

Wayne and Lesa Gary;

Kenneth R. Sherman and James C III Gathings;

Gary W. and Lorraine M. Geigel;

Heinz P. and Virginia Geiss;

George A., Katherine M., and Andreas Georgiou;

Lawrence Gerlits;

White E. III and Mary Lee Gibson;

Gregory R. and Linda E. Gilchrist;

Stephen W. and Gregory R. Gilchrist;

William and Shirley Gilkey;

Roger and Dorthy Gipps;

Benjamin and Sherry Givens;

Lois L. Goldstein;

Jo A. Gould;

Russell H. Gould;

Kenneth and Joann Grauer;

Mervyn G. and Frances R. Gray;

Jill K. Greer;

Gary and Gayle Grim;

James Grimsley and Richard Petermann;

Gregg Guertin and Gergory Adkins;

Gulf Asset Group;               

HB Properties LLC;

Brian and Heidi Hagy;

George and Jean Hagy and Robert and Linda Townsend ;

William S. and Janette Hall;

Larry and Sue Hall;

Ernest O. and Mary Ann Hamilton;

Mark and Lucinda Hammon;

David and Cathy Hammond;

George and Nancy Hammond;

David O. and Marion S. Harris;

George and Pattie C. Harris;

Joseph and Faye Harris;

Mary Warner and Henry B. Harvey Jr.;

Carole Hatch;

Lynda Haupert;

William R. and Glenda H. Hayes;

Deborah Haywood;

Dick H. and Janet Hearin;

Mary Alice Towers and Louis Wells Heavner;

Stephen J. and Suzanne F. Heim;

Dr. Michael J. and Patricia N. Helm;


William R. Helms;

Roger and Holly Hennicke;

Steve and B. Ann Hering;

Jack and Dixie Herman and Gary and Jane Herman;

William A. and Maria Hicks;

Gary and Pamela Hilgeman;

Norman C. Hilgeman Trustee for Norman C. Hilgeman Trust;

Nell P. Hilburn;

Warren and Suzanne Hines as Trustees;

Thomas Hingley;

Arvey and Imogene Holcomb;

Robert E. Jr. and Virginia Iris Holloway;

Ruth Holmes;

Richard D. and Beverly A. Holmquist;

Henry and Elizabeth Hood;

Christian Gibbs Hooper, Joan Vonkurnatowski Hooper and Andre Vonkurnatowski Hooper;

E. Paul and Ingrid Horil;

Frederick W. and Jane E. Hortsman as Trustees;

Michael F. and Margarita U. Howard;

Paula Howell;

William L. and Marianne Baum and Edna E. Hudgens;

Robert and Diane and Gene F. Hudkins;

Still Hunter Jr. and Susan H. Eiland;

Jeffrey and Tina Hymel;

Libby G. Irwin and Judith A. Irwin;

Shirley Irwin;

Sandra W. Jack;

Jackson G.R. et al.;

Keith and Randa Jacobs;

The James R. Adams Family Limited Partnership;

Catherine L. Jaracz;                    

Glenn and Pam Johnson;     

John T. and Karen Johnson;

Kathleen Johnson;

Keith and Jane Johnson;

W. Loy and Imogene T. Johnson Trustees;

Jane S. Johnston;

Larry and Barbara Jones;

Leonard M. Jones;

Richard and Barbara Jorgensen;

Charlann M. and Landon S. Joyner;

Joseph M. and Cheryl Kain;

Michael and Barbara Kelly;

Gail Kelly f/k/a Sandra Gail McNeill;

Rodney and Ruby Rena Kendrick;

William David and Mary Sue Kendrick;

Virginia Kent;

Timothy and Theresa Keohane;

William S. Kilgore;

William and Janice Kincaid;

Cynthia King;

Michael and Nancy King;

Thomas H. and Beverly L. Kingsmill;

G. Robert Knast;

Dr. Hurley and Sarah Jane Knott

Dr. Ralph E. and Janet L. Knowles as Trustees of Ralph E. and Janet L. Revocable Trusts;

Jasper and Sheila Kobler;

William and Carolyn Kolb;

Mary B. Konrad

Peter Konstantin;

John and Barbara Koshinsky;

Tracy W. Krohn;

Olive Krupa;

Thomas Fan-Kuei Kung and Keng and Su Chin Kung 

Bruce and Irene Ladner;

Brooks B. and Anne M. LaGrua;

John and Larochelle Lampo;

Francine Landers;

Jeffery Scott and Susan Lankford;

Paul A. and Mae H. Lantrip;

Constance LaVine;

Beverly B. Lawson;

Gerald and Shellee LeClaire;

Leonard J. and Linda V. LeDoux;

Lewis and Barbara Lemon as Trustees of The Lemon Family Trust; 

Sheri A. Levitus;

Monte R. and Linda F. Lewis;

Emily Randolf and Tandy Lewis;

John F. and Judith A. Lewis;

Michael and Geraldine L'Heureux;

George and Lou Ann Lindsey;

Vincent H. and Beverly Link;

James R. and Elizabeth D. Linke;

Gary and Jane Lipscomb;

Donald Liu and Dana Suskind;

Louis and Laurie Lobue;

Oscar and Josephine Locklin;

Oscar J.; et al.; Danny Lyman Lockwood and Joyce Davis;

Arthur L. and Betty L. Loeffelman Trustees Under Arthur L. and

Betty Loeffelman Living Trust;

Franklin Losey;

Herbert U. and Verna W. Lovgren;

Frank and Billie Ann Lovrich;

William and Pamela Lovvorn;

Thomas G. Jr. and Betty F. Lowrey;

Robert E. Luckie Jr. As Trustee Management Trust;                 

Luckie/Birmingham, Inc.;

Patrick H. and Tammie B. Luquet;

Peter M. and Barbara L. Lynch;

Timothy Scott, Steven Carlyle and Michael Lane Maddox;

Geoffrey and Debbra Maddux;

June L. Maher;

Ronald and Lynn Maiden;

John and Juliann Majeski;

David Maloney;

Daniel and Belinda Manix;

Chris Mann;

Manning Properties, Ltd.;

Joseph A. Manno; III

Ralph E. and Betty H.  Marcus;

Steven C. Rogers and Kenneth Marks;

Glen and Diane Marsh;

Gregory S. and Wendy B. Martin;

Sylvia and James Martin;

Barbara Mason;

Jason R. and Jo C. Mason;

William G. and Lisa L. Mason;

Max Mathews Sr.;

Jerry W Matthias and Ina Barfield;

Michael Maxon;

James and Carolyn Mayes;

Ronald and Robbie Mays;

James J. McAvoy;

Gail M. McBride;

McCallum Family Partnership;

Truman McCarter;

Lowell and Barbara McCauley and Brian and Cindy Martin;

David McCormick;

Shirley McCrary;

Dunwoodie Jr. and Cheryl R. McDuffie;

Sandra McElmurray , Lynn Jackson, and Joan Smith Dunn;

Alisa McEntire and G. W. Fuller;

Julian L. McGehee;

Crawford E. and George E. McInnis;

Gray Jr. and Sibyl E. McKellar;

William J. and Patricia McMahon;

Ulys Ray McMullen and Sara J. Cayo;

Ronald P. and Vickie E. McNeely;

David R. and Susan McPherson;

Marie Ulbrich and  Paul Medici;

Beverly J. Mendelson and Willie Ladnier as Trustees;

Edmund and Robbie Mengel;

Joel V. Meriwether;

John L. and Catherine S. Metcalfe;

Jeffrey R. Mich;

Eugene D. Miller;

Jeffrey P. Minck;

Richard and Katherine Mingo;

Ellis and Elaine Mintz;

Mitchell Mintz;

Tommy and Sue Mogab;

Madeo and Rosemary Molinari;

Carl and Martha Jo Monroe;

Richard and Eileen Montgomery;

Ronald and Lorri J. Montiel

James and Jean Moore;

Norman W. and Marjorie Moore;

Billie Morgan;

Frederick and Linda Morley;

Robert Morris;

William and Mavis Morris;

Robert G. and Angela B. Morrison;

Richard and Annelle Moser;

Meredith L. Mott and Howard J. and Rae J. Bear;

Bodo and Margot Mueller;

Bradley H. and Pamela N. Murphey;

Eugene Hutchinson and Mary Jane Murphey;

Allen Murphy;

Patrick and Judith Murphy;

Joseph W. Myers;

James and Sandra Myrick;

Hugh C. and Grace P. Nabers;

Navarre Beach Venture;

Navarre Development Association, Inc.;

Navarre-Santa Rosa, Inc.;

Michael and Deborah J. Newton;

Claire M. Niven;

Kraisin and Linda Nola;

Robert C. Sr. and Maxine L. Nolan;

Duane Egeland and Elizabeth V. Nolte;

Wayne G. and Tracy M. Norrad;

Allen H. and Nancy S. Nottingham;

R. L. Nunn Trustee of R. L. Nunn Trust;

David Nussbaumer III;

Thomas R. O’Boyle;

Richard P. and Marie O’Connor;

Lawrence and Margaret O’Dell;

Gerald and Sharon Odgers;

William J. and Cynthia F. Oeding;

Allen and Anne Olech;

Joseph and Maurine Olivere;

Forrest O. and Kristina M. Olson;

Florence E. O’Rahilly;

James H. and Pamela K. Stone and Joel and Kathleen Ory;

Thomas and Joanne Oser;

Samuel and Patsy Owens;

Charles and Teresa Pack;

Martin W. Padgett Jr. and Jack Brink;

Vincent Palagruto and Patricia Arena;

Gretchen Palm;

James E. and Sharon A. Paluch;

Marilynn Pankratz;

William E. and Philip O. Parker;

Louis and Denise Paravate;

Raymond and Billie Parsons;

Kirk A. Patrick Jr. and Judith Tapper;

John and Laice Payne;

Stanley E. and Joye I. Peacher;

Steven B. and Theresa J. Peele;

Pegassus Development Enterprises, LLC;

Salvador and Magdalene Perino;

Gordon and Julia Peters;

Kathryn A. Petersen;

James and Mary Jo Phillips;

Jack and Dana Piaquadio;

Tracy M. Plauche;

Poole Realty, Inc.; 

Janice N. and John F. Jr.  Porter Trustees of Gull's View Trust ;

Joyce W. Porter;

Bruce E. and Gerry C. Post;

Carole D. Powell;

Robert J. Powell;

Raymond and Linda Poyer;

Steven E., Rebecca J., and Clifford B. Priddy;

Steven J. Provencher;

John D. and Martha J. Racine;

Susan McVea Ragan;

Philip and Donna Ralidis;

George and Nerlene Ramsey;

Jerry and Judith Rank;

Marci Beth Rasnick;

George and Verna Ratter;

Ronald Jr. and Carole Lynn Redmann;

William and Jean Refuss;

Edward J. Rice Jr.; Louis A. Wilson Jr. and George Baus;

Grantland Rice II as Trustee;

Lawrence and Diana Richard;

John Richardson and Susan Schwartz ;

Robert Lee Ricks Trustee; 

Martin D. Ridgeway;

Maxie and Frances Ridgeway;

Arthur K. and Georgiana J. Ridley;

Bertha and Adrian Ringland;

Thomas C. and Maria A. Hartlage and Stephen C. and Victoria D.  Ritchie;

Robert III and Susan Forrester Roberts;

James A. and Shirley Rochester Trustees for Rochester Family Trust; 

Francis Rodriguez and Beverly Douglas;

Joseph, John Clayton, Michael Roesch and Thomas Rockwell;

V. Keith Jr. and Jeanie M. Rogers;

Daniel and Paulette Rollant and Alan Demaske;

John and Sherry Rose;

Ena Royce;

Kenneth J.  Rudzki and Cheryl Chant;

Kevin E. and Renee W. Rudzki, Kenneth Rudzki and Cheryl H. Chant, and

Steven and Janet H. Rudzki;

Kevin Eugene Rudzki and Rene Wallis;

Steven C. Rudzki and Janet Heberle;

Randall and Susan Rush and Lamar Larrimore ;

William and Sheri Rutledge;

Dale B. and Robert W. Ryals;

Robert Sagraves

Roy K. and Madie F. Saia;

Rex and Carol Salisberry;

Al and Susan Saltalamachea;

Sandcastle Beach HOA;

Sandollar Condominium;

Philop and Terri L. Savoie;


Charles Jr. and Sandra L. Sawyer;

Leonard and Mary K. Schmidt;

Schmitz Family Partnership;

Robert and Harriet Schneider;              

Dorothy P. Schoettle as Trustee;

Patrick J. And Katherine M. Schulte;

Thomas A. and Gwendolyn Schumack;

Thomas A. Schumack and Nicole Wirth;

Louis Jr.  and Marjorie S. Scipioni;

Scout Properties, Inc.;

Scylla Properties, LLC;

Judith and George Semones;

Kathleen A., John J., and Judith M. Sheedy;

Pamela T. Server;

Darryl D. Shewmaker;

Charles M. and Helen A. Shoff;

Reginald and Mary Simek;

Brenda Hamilton Skipper and Renee Skipper Cronce;

William and Christel Slaughter;

John and Christine Slivon;

Freddy Thomas Smart;

Camille Smetana as Trustee Camille A. Smetana Trust;

Carl Bradley Smith as Trustee Marybeth Wells Smith Trust;

Charles and Anne Smith;

Charles F. and Marietta Smith;

Eric R. and Theresa M. Smith;

Garlena C. and Walter J. Smith;

R. Dale Smith;

Stewart A. III and Nancy W. Sparks;

David J. and Stephen C. Spizale;

John C. and F. David and Jean Spruance;

Joel S. and Linda B. Squires;

Carole W. Staats;

Staggs Painting Company, Inc.;

Gail E. (Jarrell) Stangeland;

Millard and Shirley Starns;

Mark W. Stemler;                                                               

Don B. and Gloria W. Stephenson;

Charles B. Stewart;

Ronald and Priscilla Stieb;

May Stinson;

Samuel and Peggy Stocks;

William O. Storey;

Neal P. Ellis and Edgar M. Stover;

Norla Strasbaugh;

Joseph S. III and Sandra H. Stringham;

Larry and Geneil Sturm;

John and Kathleen Suerken;

Rodney W. and Lucy C. Summerford;

Surface Mount Technology International, Inc.;

Teri Case and James Sutterfield;

Norman Svarrer;

John K. and Iris D. Tatom;

Gayle S. Taylor;

Steven A. and Cathy Taylor;

William and Linda Taylor;

Tenir Securities Corporation;

Jerry F. Thomas;

Kent R. and Debra A. Thomas;

Paul D. and Mary C. Thomas as Trustees of Mary C. Thomas;

Robert O. and Mary R. Thompson;

Thomas J. and Stephanie E. Thompson;

Edwin and Anita Thornhill;

Patrick A. Thornton Family Trust;

Gregory J. Thorpe;

Vera Ellen Thurmond;

Clinton and Carolyn Thykeson;

Clarence and Joyce Tidwell;

Paul Jr. and Patricia Sue Tierney;

Robert J. Tobian;

Michael A. and Susan Tolbert;

Jazie Torjusen;

Trinity Asset Group, LLC;

Thomas W. and Patricia Tripp;

John D. and Nadine Tullier;

James M. and Patricia S. Turner;

Marsha C. Twiford;

Michael A. Van Cavage;

Harold and Eunice Van Der Molen;

Charles J. Varvi, Jr. Revocable Trust;

Angela R. Veal;

Michael Boynton Veal;

Randall Vodney and Sally L. Franklin;

Rhonda L. Vroman;

Charles E. and Betty Gordon Wade;

Maxine Wagner;

Gary Ellison and Linda Wagoner;

Ben and Sheila Walker;

G. Wayne and Patricia Walker;

Nathan W. and Joann L. Walker;

Steve and Michelle Walker;

Walmart Limited  Partnership;

William H. Sr. and Carolyn J. Walters as Trustees;

Nancy I. Ward and Micki J. Vanderpool;

Donald and Linda Warren;

Louis A. and Alice Jean Wasylik;

Raymond and Cami Watson;

Nancy M. Webster;

Jearl Weeks a/k/a Eddie Jearl and Alice Weeks;

Donald and Marianne Wehrenberg;

James and Kathryn  Welshans;

Charles and Elma Whatley; 

Betty Louise White;

Ernest R. and Angela D. White;

Albert and Norma Jean Wiedl;

William and Barbara J. Wiggins;

Jason Wilburn;

Carol N. Wild Trustee of Carol N. Wild Revocable Trust;

Christian L. III and Linda Wildhagen;

Janis Ivey Wilkins;

Adrienne Wilson;

Roger and Joyce Williams;

Thomas P. Williams;

Charles A. and Charles L. Witt;

William Scott Wolfe and Lampley Tade;

Don Wood;

Genie H. Woods;

David and Janet Woodworth;

Wool Real Estate Holdings Ltd.;

Jo Lynn and David Word;

Jeffrey H. and Julie P. Worley;

Yeargan Family Investments, LLC;

Richard Yelverton;

Elizabeth Ann Yocum Trustee for Jay Trust;

Jacob R. and Beverly M. Young;

Julianna Young, Elizabeth Necie Young, and Joshua Young;

Theodore C. Zabriski;